It was formed following unification of the municipalities of Ag. Nicolaos and Napoli and community of Vrachasio. It is a main tourist Municipality, combining sea and mountains with the Bay of Mirabello and the mountains all around. Besides the town of Agios Nikolaos the region has a benchmark, the lake as well as Ellounda, a worlwide renowned tourism resort, attracting well-off visitors. A further interesting feature is Spinalonga which functioned as a leper colony in the 50's. The city of Ag. Nicolaos has a marina, whereas clean beaches are located outside the town, in Elounda, Plaka and Kalo Chorio. The lovers of mountain, dense vegetation and bare rocks, shall have the possibility to visit the mountain range "Katharo", presenting particular scientific interest, since researchers and paleontologists have traced fossils of dwarf hippos and elephants.

Napoli Region

A dynamic region which before the unification was a separate municipality. Napoli has dominated as capital of Lassithi until 1904, when the capital was moved to Ag. Nicolaos. There is a Museum of Folk Culture and Folklore Society in Ano Mirabello in the town. East of Naples, on the hill of “Ag.Antonios” the visitor can see Dreros, one of the greatest ancient cities of Crete.

Vrachasi Region

Vrachasi has been built on the southern slope of the mountain Anavlochos and due to its location it was the theater of many conflicts during the revolution periods. It was capital of the homonymous municipality from 1878 to 1925, and from 1925 to 1998. The region has joined the City of Napoli from 1998 to 2006, but because of the protests of local residents, since 2006 it has been again a Community together with the villages of the former Milatos community.