Its administrative boundaries include areas of mountains and seaside which differentiate the occupations of residents, shaping them at the same time depending on the local economy. Classic tourism infrastructure is developing in the coastal zone Panormo - Bali - Sissi, being the largest tourism development part, whereas agritourism as well as other forms of alternative tourism are developed in inland areas. Mylopotamos is the new name of the area, whereas the area has been named after the water mills that existed abundantly in Avlopotamos river (originally Oaxis), giving also the same name to the municipality. The only cave of Melidoni had visitors even since Venetian occupation, whereas modern pottery workshops in Margarites, the ancient city of Axos and many monasteries and temples are also interesting tourist attractions of the region.

Kouloukonas Region

It is a mountainous area hosting mountain Kouloukonas (after which the area has been named), and Talea Mountains, northeast of the county. The bronze giant Talos is connected to Talea Mountains, who - according to mythology - was the guardian of the island and ran three times a day around it in order to ensure that the island was well protected.

Zoniana Region

The history of the village goes back many centuries, since its foundation and name are associated with Jupiter according to legend, and coincides with the history of Axos since the region was part of the kingdom as well as the region of Anogia. Most people are engaged in livestock farming while the interesting sights of the village include the cave of exceptional beauty and the Wax Museum.