Category: Archaeological Sites
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture


In the area of the modern village Axos the ancient city Oaxos existed once, one of the most important cities of ancient Greece, which flourished from the late Minoan and the Geometric Times until after the Roman times. The archaeological excavation has re


The village Apodoulou is located at the southern foot of Mount Psiloritis, at the foot of the rise Papoura and the valley of Ambadia. In Apodoulou human presence is testified from the prehistoric times until the modern times. Remains of the Minoan times w


The ancient city Eleftherna is located on the north-western foot of Mount Ida, approximately thirty kilometers south of Rethymno, 380 meters above the sea level. The city's excavated remains belong to various periods.


Rescue excavations are being conducted in recent years by the 25th Ephorate of Classical and Prehistoric Antiquities in the modern village Argiroupoli. Parts of the ancient city Lappa have been discovered, which date from the Geometric Times to the Roman

Mikro Valaneio

The small Roman Bath is at the northern part of the archaeological site of Sector I of ancient Eleftherna (position Katsivelos). It includes at least two building stages from the 2nd to the 6th/7th century A.D. Its construction must have started after the


In the village Monastiraki, which is located in the valley of Amari, at a distance of 38 km from Rethymnon, a building complex has been discovered, which must have been built in around 2000 B.C.


In the wider area of Hamalevri - Pangalohori - Stavromenos and Sfakaki extends a very important archaeological site. Already in 1745, the British traveller R. Pococke identified the position as being the ancient Pantomatrion.


In the modern village Thronos, at a distance of 33 km SE from Rethymnon, at the position Kefala, the archaeological research has revealed the remains of the ancient city of Sivrytos