Category: Museums
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture

Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno was founded in 1887 by the Society of the Friends of Education. Today it is housed in the pentagonal bastion in front of the central, east gate of the Fortezza.

Historical and Folklore Museum Rethymno

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymno was founded in 1973 with the aim of collecting and starting research on folklore material from the area of Rethymno. Since 1995 it has been housed in a listed urban Venetian building dating back to the 17th c

Military Museum, Chromonastiri

Chromonastiri is a beautiful village built at the foot of Vrysina in Rethymno and has a population of 358 inhabitants.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete - Municipal Gallery "L.Kanakakis"

Τhe Municipal Gallery "L. Kanakakis" was founded in 1992. It is housed in a Venetian building in the heart of the old, historical town of Rethymno, below the Fortezza and the Archaeological Museum.

Museum of Paleontology Rethymno

The museum is part of the Natural History Museum in Rethymno. Here you can see the path followed by the Crete, the last 300 million years.

The Museum of Arkadi Monastery

The monastery of Arkadi is an Eastern Orthodox monastery, situated on a fertile plateau 23 km to the southeast of Rethymnon and 500m high. The monastery played an active role in the Cretan resistance of Ottoman rule during the Cretan revolt in 1866.

The Museum of Monastery Preveli

Preveli Monastery, located just 37 km from Rethymnon consists of two monasteries. ny of the rescued relics and images are displayed in the stylish museum inside the monastery. Saved a significant number of icons (about 100) from the occasional ornaments o