The Municipality of Heraklion which had the shortest access to the sea, that is as long as the former Municipality of Arkalochori “touched” Libyan Sea. Much of the plain areas of the municipality are occupied by the military airport, a point which has been designed to become the largest airport on the island. Most villages in the area of Kastelli, historic capital of the municipality, have been characterized as mountainous and hilly (since they are found in the foothills of Dikti). The economy of the area is based on agricultural production, especially in olive cultivation, production of table grapes, raisins, wine, vegetables, etc. The area is also a producer of excellent quality traditional dairy products.

Area Thrapsanou

Most of the inhabitants of Thrapsano are engaged in agriculture and livestock farming mainly due to the pottery. Pottery is one of the oldest plastic arts developed in Crete over time and even from Prehistory - Neolithic era. Today there is a variety of permanent workshops, visited every year by many Greek and foreign tourists.

Arkalohori Region

It is a region with mountains and plains and consequently residents are engaged in farming and livestock farming. There are many trade and processing enterprises in the town of Arkalochori. Nature presents variations, mountains, valleys and sea, making routes attractive for visitors.