The municipality of Oropedion in Lasithi, is an eminently mountainous region, consisting of the mountainous zone and three plateaus. It is the only insular municipality which is not adjacent to any point on the sea, whereas the straight-line distance between Oropedion and the closest point (Malia) is around 8km. Benchmark of Oropedion region are the windmills, which have been used in older times for irrigation and have made the region famous worldwide. The mountains Dikti and Dikteon Andron are located in Oropedion, where according to Greek mythology, Zeus was born. The economy of Oropedio of Lassithi is mixed. Agricultural economy (Agriculture - Livestock) employs 90% of the population. Tourism and services employ the remaining 10%. Alternative-nature tourism is also a tourism sector well developed in Oropedio.