It is based in Agia Fotini and its historical seat is in Fourfouras. The mountainous mass of Psiloritis dominates the landscape, ending to Arkadi to the north, Kentros to the south and many other shorter mountaintops. The local economy is based mainly on livestock. Nature tourism is mainly developed in this area, since there are mountains to climb, canyons and nature paths. The road network in the area is very convoluted to serve the communication among settlements. The settlements of the region are renowned in Crete for their traditional architecture and are scattered through ravines and hillsides.

Sivritos Region

The region, as in the wider region of the former province of Amari, is hosting traces of continuous human activity dating since the Neolithic period (6000 BC). The remains of the ancient city of Syvritos have been identified near the village Thronos. The area, rich in many comparative advantages, is a unique destination for many alternatives proposals.