Category: Forests
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture

Pardi forest

The Forest Pardi is one of the finest remaining holly forests of Crete, near the village Kouroutes, 53km southeast of Rethymno. Here the steep western slopes of Psiloritis meet with the plain of Amari

Preveli Palmbeach

The forest of Preveli in the Kourtaliotis Gorge is the second largest palm forest in Europe (after Vai), being home to a clump of Theophrastus palm trees. Famous for its amazing beach on the Megalos Potamos exit, the palm grove of Preveli

Vatolaki Pine forest

Vatolaki is located near the village of Kissos, 33km southeast of Rethymno city, close to the exit of Kissano Gorge. The forest covers an area of 600 acres and is an important green “lung” in the area of Kedros Mountain.