Category: Plateaus - Plains

Amari valley

Amari valley is 25km long, at an altitude of 400-500m and is formed between the Mountains Kedros and Psiloritis. It is the natural passage from the north to south Rethymno and Messara Plain.

Anopolis Plateau (Sfakia)

Plateau of Anopolis is located 13km west of Hora Sfakion. It is a small plateau formed in the wild mountains of Sfakia, the most inaccessible province of Europe. The plateau is fertile and still feeds the inhabitants of the village of Anopolis, located in

Armenohandrades Plateau

Plateau of Armenohandrades is located 23km south of Sitia and is a part of Crete that remains completely unknown, intact and authentic. It takes its name after the two settlements of Armeni and Handras, which today form a single settlement.

Askifou Plateau

Plateau of Askifou is one of the most authentic areas of Crete and is located 50km south of Chania. The mountains around and the serenity of the valley, form a magnificent landscape all year round.

Erganos plateau

At an altitude of 950m at the southern slopes of Dikti Mounts, you will find the small plateau of Erganos and takes its name after the ancient town of Erganos that was built on the adjacent peak Kefali.

Evdomos plateau Gonies

3km southeast of the village Gonies, is located the plateau of Evdomos, at an altitude of 780m. The plateau is actually divided into two smaller plateaus, the Kato Lakos and Ano Lakos plateaus.

Gious Kambos Plateau

About 31km south of Rethymno Plateau, on the western edge of Psiloritis, in the Amari valley is located Gious Kambos. It is a small but very special plateau, which is full of flowers in the spring.

Katharo plateau

The plateau Katharo is located 26km south of Agios Nikolaos and 16km west of Kritsa, at an altitude of 1150 meters. The waters of the Plateau are transported through the beautiful gorge of Havgas into Lassithi Plateau.

Lapathos Plateau

Near Kato Symi village, 36km west of Ierapetra and 77km southeast of Heraklion, is located the Plateau of Lapathos. It is a small but beautiful plateau, which is worth mentioning in our website.

Lasithi Plateau

25km south of Malia and 70km west of Heraklion city, is located the wonderful Lassithi Plateau. Located in a peaceful and fertile region, it is surrounded by the wild mountains of Dikti and several smaller plateaus.

Limnakaro Plateau

The Limnakaro Plateau is located on the northern slopes of Mt Dicte, near the Lassithi Plateau, at an altitude of 1.120 metres above sea level. It is enclosed by the peaks of Lazaros (2.048 m) to the east-southeast...

Livadi Plateau Krousonas

The Livadi (Lawn) Plateau of Krousonas is located on the eastern slopes of Psiloritis, 9km west of the village Krousonas and 35km southwest of Heraklion. It is a beautiful place to visit, especially in spring when the 300.000 pear and apple trees are bloo

Messara plain

In an elongated area of 50km in length and with its width not exceeding 7km, the plain of Messara is located on the south side of Heraklion Prefecture. In the south, the valley is protected by Asterousia Mountains, while its western side is bounded by a v

Nida plateau

One of the largest plateau in Crete, located at an altitude of 1.400 meters and in the heart of the Psiloritis Mountain (or Mount Idi), is the plateau of Nida. The peaks of the surrounding mountains are white until summer, forming a wonderful landscape.

Nisimos Plateau

The Small Plateau of Nissimos is located 55km southeast of Heraklion, on the northern side of the Lassithi Plateau, at an altitude of 890m. Access is quite easy as there is a passable uphill road, 2.5km long, starting from the village Tzermiado.

Omalos plateau

Omalos is at an altitude ranging from 1.040 to 1.250 meters, surrounded by the high peaks of the White Mountains and located 38km south of Chania. The plateau is particularly beautiful in the winter, when it is frequently covered by snow.

Small Omalos Plateau (Lasithi)

Omalos Plateau of Lasithi is located at the southern foot of Mount Dikti, next to Kato Simi and Viannos, 60km southeast of the city of Heraklion. It can be accessed more easily from Kato Simi...

Strouboulas plateau

South of the Stroumboulas elongated mountain range, which resembles a volcanic cone when seen from Heraklion, you will find the small and elongated plateau of Strouboulas. The elongated plateau is formed on the carbonate rocks of the “Tripolitsa”

Tavri and Niato plateaus

At an altitude of 1.200m, 51km south of Chania and 3km west of Askifou Plateau, is located the plateaus of Tavri (2km) and Niatos (3km). They can be accessed via a road starting from Askifou, crossing Tavri and then ending up in Niato.

Thripti Plateau

Thripti Plateau is located next to the village of Kavousi, in Ierapetra area, at an altitude of 850m. It's really one of the most beautiful places in Crete, which is totally unknown to most Cretans. Its natural beauty is very special and so are the Thript

Vothonas or Lakoudia plateau

Vothonas is a very small plateau, near to the village Vafes, located 40km south of Chania. It can be accessed from Vafes via by a passable dirt road. The landscape of the surrounding mountains is spectacular

Vromonero Plateau or Lakkos Limas Plateau

10km west of the village Krousonas, in an amazing location east of the summit Skinakas of Psiloritis Mt, where the homonym observatory of the University of Crete, is located the Plateau of Vromonero or Lakkos Limas at an altitude of 1.300m.