Strouboulas plateau

South of the Stroumboulas elongated mountain range, which resembles a volcanic cone when seen from Heraklion, you will find the small and elongated plateau of Strouboulas. The elongated plateau is formed on the carbonate rocks of the “Tripolitsa” group and it lacks tree vegetation except for some Kermes Oaks (Quercus coccifera).

In the vicinity of the plateau there are many potholes and caves as well as smaller, lateral plateaus. In one of those, that is to be found at the western side of the plateau, the karstic erosion has shaped a large limestone rock in such a way that huge and numerous lances point up to the sky and are separated by narrow and deep cavities. The rock surface is shaped by numerous small and large grooves. Starting from Strouboulas plateau one can climb until the summit of Strouboulas and the chapel of Timios Stavros to gaze in wonder at the marvelous panorama of the Heraklion gulf.