Category: Rivers

Almiros River Gaziou

This spring is located at the northeastern side of Psiloritis, a few hundred meters far from the sea and the city of Heraklion! The water of the spring is brackish because somewhere quite deep it is mixed with seawater.

Anapodaris River

The River Anapodaris is located in south-central Prefecture of Heraklion. More specifically, it starts gathers water from east-central Heraklion and southern Dikti, with may smaller rivers (eg Baritis) flowing into it. Close to Demati village a nice arche

Aposelemis River

Aposelemis River is one of the longest rivers in Crete, which receives the groundwater of the plateau of Lassithi from the springs of Fleges, near Kastamonitsa village.

Geropotamos River (Mesaras)

River Geropotamos (Holy River) runs through the plain of Messara, 55km south of Iraklion. He exits on the beach inside the military airport of Tymbaki.

Giofyros or Diakoniaris River

The river Giofyros or Diakoniaris is located in the city of Heraklion and is one of the longest rivers of the island.

Kyliaris river

Kyliaris river starts near Stylos village by Apokoronas Province and ends at the beach of Kyani Akti near Kalives. It’s 5km long and is the second largest river in water flow in Crete.

Platys Potamos or Wide River

Platys Potamos (or Wide River) is one of the longest rivers in Crete fed by the waters of the Northeast Kedros Mountain and the Valley of Amari. Its exit is located in Agia Galini beach, South Rethymnon.