It is a mountainous Municipality, whereas the main survival resource of the inhabitants is livestock, as well as further activities, such as tourism, agriculture and cottage industries.

In respect of tourism, there is the ski resort in the centre of Nida, with hostels and other forms of accommodation in the village, providing the possibility to host the visitors in winter, since Anogia is also a winter resort. There is also a conference center with four translation departments, while the women of the village are engaged in cottage industry, making weavings of Anogia well-known.

The Municipality of Anogia has a rich history and culture, as well as long and rich musical tradition with roots in ancient Greek and Byzantine music, but it is further enriched by the cultural environment of the Eastern Mediterranean. The origins of the Cretan musical tradition are identified with the birth of the greatest of Gods, Crete-born Zeus in the Ideon Andro, in on the plateau of Nida.