Category: Plateaus - Plains
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture

Amari valley

Amari valley is 25km long, at an altitude of 400-500m and is formed between the Mountains Kedros and Psiloritis. It is the natural passage from the north to south Rethymno and Messara Plain.

Gious Kambos Plateau

About 31km south of Rethymno Plateau, on the western edge of Psiloritis, in the Amari valley is located Gious Kambos. It is a small but very special plateau, which is full of flowers in the spring.

Nida plateau

One of the largest plateau in Crete, located at an altitude of 1.400 meters and in the heart of the Psiloritis Mountain (or Mount Idi), is the plateau of Nida. The peaks of the surrounding mountains are white until summer, forming a wonderful landscape.