Category: Monasteries - Churches
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture

Kaliviani Monastery

It belongs to the municipal district Phaneromeni and is 60 km away from Heraklion. It appears for the first time in the census of 1900, 11 men and 7 women being its residents.

Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of Arkadi

According to the inscription, which has been preserved on the frontal support of the belfry, the church was built in 1587 that is during the period of the Venetian occupation on Crete. This explains the plethora of architectural elements of the Renaissanc

Monastery of Preveli

The Monastery of Preveli is located 37 km from Rethymno and includes two monasteries, which are 3 km apart: The "Lower Monastery", which is deserted and the "Back Monastery", which is still run and can be visited.

Kera Panaghia in the village of Nevs Amari

In the wider area of the village of Nevs Amari the basilica of Kera Panaghia can be found which was built in the same place, where an older, cruciform basilica with a cupola dating back to the 13th century had existed. The south aisle with its impressing

Monastery of Chalevi

It is 12 km from Rethymno. The large, church is dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The year 1864 is carved into the lintel. However, the monastery must have existed as early as the 16th or 17th century. Except for the church all other buildings are dilapidated

Monastery of Agia Irini

It is situated near the settlement of Agia Irini a few kilometres south of the town of Rethymno. This very old monastery is considered to date back to as early as the 14th century. However, at some point it was destroyed and henceforth remained entirely d

Panaghia in the village of Roustica

This two - aisled church dedicated to the Holy Virgin and Christ the Saviour is situated at the place of Livadi in the village of Roustica, 21 km from Rethymno. The belfry shows the inscription of the year 1627.

Early Christian Basilica of Panormo

In the coastal village of Panormos, about 20 km south of the town of Rethymno, is the early Basilica of Panormo. According to tradition, it is dedicated to Saint Sophia and this name was given to the entire area around the temple.

Monastery of Bali

It is situated on a hill on the bay and the coastal village of Bali, which is situated 37 km from Rethymno. It is also called Monastery of Atalis, a name, which the Venetians had given to the coastal village thus modifying the name of the ancient city of