Category: Sights - Monuments
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture

Fortezza Castle

The Venetian fortress of Fortezza is built of the hill of Paleokastro, west of the modern city of Rethymno. The engravings found in various parts of the hill suggest the existence of an acropolis.

Fountain in Roussospiti

At the village Roussospiti, which lies 10 kilometers away from the town of Rethymno, there is a very famous fountain that dates back to the 17th century.

Rimondi Fountain

The famous Rimondi fountain, located at the Platanos Square in Rethymno, which used to be the centre of the old Venetian town, was constructed by the town's rector A. Rimondi in 1626.

Saint Francesco Church

Agios Frangiskos (Saint Francis) was a church that belonged to a Franciscan monastery. Two chapels east of the church also preserved. The doorframe of the entrance, with its composite style chapters, is very impressive.

The Fort of Monopari

After the 4th Crusade, Crete fell into the hands of Bonifacio Monferrato, who sold it to the Venetians after some time. However, in 1206, the Genoese pirate Enrico Pescatore occupied the island, fortified it and Venice only managed to recuperate it in 121