Category: Caves
Region: Rethymnon Prefecture

Chainospilios or Marmarospilios cave

The Cave Chainospilios is located 200 meters away from the village Kamaraki. The cave is also called Marmarospilios, while many locals call it "Labyrinth". The entrance of the cave is on a steep cliff. It is a long narrow cave with galleries that are part

Gerani cave

One of the most beautiful caves in the prefecture of Rethymno and in whole Crete, is the cave of Gerani. It is located 7 km west of Rethymnon, at the location "Kamari" and close to the beach of Gerani.

Ideon Antron cave

Ideon Cave (or Ideon Antron) is located on the eastern slopes of Mountain Ida (Psiloritis), in the plateau of Nida. The distance of the cave from Anogia is 24km and from Rethymno is 78km. The cave has not any special geological value, but has enormous myt

Marathokefala cave or Marathospilios cave

The Cave of Marathokefala or Marathospilios is located next to the village of Kynigiana, 29km southeast of Rethymno. Several caves have been found in this area (Mylopotamos). Marathokefala is one of the most beautiful caves in the area, with its length ex

Melidoni cave

The Cave of Melidoni is located approximately 1,800 meters northwest of the homonym village of Mylopotamos, at an altitude of 220m. Melidoni is a cave, where visitors can only admire the first but quite impressive hall, because the rest halls are closed f

Sfendoni cave or Zoniana cave

Cave Zoniana, Sfendoni or Sfendoni's Hole, is located 1km north of Zoniana village in Mylopotamos, about 43km west of Heraklion and 52km southeast of Rethymno. It is shaped on the southern slopes of the hill Halepa at an altitude of 630m.