Almiros River Gaziou

This spring is located at the northeastern side of Psiloritis, a few hundred meters far from the sea and the city of Heraklion! The water of the spring is brackish because somewhere quite deep it is mixed with seawater.

Water resources come from two areas. Psiloritis mountain and the surrounding plateaus from where winter rainfall can reach the spring in 9 hours (!), and also the hills which are nearby. However, the largest amount of water comes from Psiloritis sinkholes and the underground rivers (caves) and after a deep route arrives at the spring.

The water supply ranges from 3 till 40 cubic meters per. A small artificial lake is formed around the spring from where a small stream ends up in the sea. It is however, remarkable that at the beginning of spring when the supply is the maximum, water is almost potable!

At the wetland of Almyros many birds can be observed all year round, as well as the Theophrastus Phoenix (Phoenix theophrasti) which only exists in Crete and in an area in the southeast Turkey.