Anapodaris River

The River Anapodaris is located in south-central Prefecture of Heraklion. More specifically, it starts gathers water from east-central Heraklion and southern Dikti, with may smaller rivers (eg Baritis) flowing into it. Close to Demati village a nice arched bridge crosses the river.

Anapodaris is the longest river in Crete. It’s name means “someone that flows towards the opposite direction” and is taken after the fact that in winter days, when southerly winds are very common, the water gives the impression that the water flows reversely. The river is generally passable up to Skinias village, where the beautiful impassable gorge of Anapodaris is formed. The erosion from water in the gorge has created some amazing passages, often blocked by large rocks. These rocks look like petrified people, monsters, gods, giants and titans in ancientand animals. The gorge follows a serpentine route through a beautiful canyon, ending at the beach of Dermatos. At Dermatos, the largest and most important delta of Crete is formed, occupying several acres of standing water and several streams surrounded by aquatic vegetation. The delta of Anapodaris is one of the most important wetlands in Crete and hosts many kinds of birds.