Thripti Plateau

Thripti Plateau is located next to the village of Kavousi, in Ierapetra area, at an altitude of 850m. It's really one of the most beautiful places in Crete, which is totally unknown to most Cretans. Its natural beauty is very special and so are the Thripti mountain hiking trails, which are part of the European path E4, which starts from the Iberian Peninsula, passing the Alps down to Crete, where it stops in the mountains of Sitia.

The village of Thripti is not inhabited by permanent residents today, as they all have left their home for a better life in the urban centers. However, on weekends and in the summer, many of them come to enjoy nature and the coolness of the plateau. Moreover, you will meet a few shepherds who live here in the summer with their flocks.

On the plateau the vegetation is lush, and you will find many gardens with fruit trees like apple, pear, walnut, almond trees and many vineyards. But what makes Thripti stand out is the only remaining pine forest of the mountains of Sitia, extending till the mountains of Makrigialos. Unfortunately, it is the only remaining forest that once covered the entire eastern Crete. Much of this was burned out by a huge fire in 1987. Lastly, the mountains of Thripti are the starting point of one of the wildest gorges in Europe, the Gorge of Cha, which is an important habitat in Crete.

If you come to the plateau, it is worth strolling in the village and ascending to the top of the Stavromenos peak, where sea view is stunning.

Thripti can be accessed through the village of Kavousi. Also, another wonderful track that you could drive in is through the lush mountainous village of Orino, next to Makrygialos. From there, starts a dirt road leading to the village of Thripti. We suggest that you follow both routes. But if you had to choose only one, surely the way from Orino will remain unforgettable to you.