Gious Kambos Plateau

About 31km south of Rethymno Plateau, on the western edge of Psiloritis, in the Amari valley is located Gious Kambos. It is a small but very special plateau, which is full of flowers in the spring. The name means the Plain of Eos, which in Greek mythology was the goddess of the Dawn.

The small plateau in the spring is filled with beautiful colors, as thousands of endemic tulips (Tulipa doerfleri) grow up there. The species has been declared as protected by presidential decree in 1981. Here grow many rare orchids: over five orchid species can coexist in one square meter in this important habitat of Amari valley.

The spring of "St. John" with giant trees and gurgling water that comes out of the rocks can refresh the visitors. You'll also meet a hill with a small fir forest and other tree species. In the fertile plateau vegetables are grown, known for their taste and prized for their nutritional value.

The plateau can be accessed through the village Gerakari or Kissos. If you come here, it is worth making a tour in the villages of Amari Valley, observe the nature, meet the traditional residents, visit the dam of Potami, climb Psiloritis (or Kedros) Mountain, and discover the south shores of Rethymno.