Category: Lakes
Region: Heraklion Prefecture

Amourgeles Dam Lake

Amourgeles dam is situated at an altitude of 300m, 30km south of Heraklion and 1km south of Amourgeles. With 150 acres, is one of the major dams in the Arkalochori.

Armanogia dam Lake

Armanogia is a small village located at an altitude of 380 m and 38 km south of Heraklion. Next to the village, in 2004, a small dam was built. The lake of the dam covers an area of 120 acres.

Faneromeni Lake

The dam of Faneromeni is located 7 km west of the village Zaros and about 7 km north of Tympaki. It is located in a verdant valley at the southern foot of Psiloritis Mount. The artificial lake covers an area of approximately 1000 acres.

Ini - Mahera Dam Lake

The dam of Ini – Mahera, was constructed in 2004 and is located 38km south of Heraklion and next to Mahera and Ini villages.

Karavados dam Lake

The small dam of Karavados is located 1km south of the village Karavados, next to the road leading from Skinias to Viannos. It is fueled by the tributary of Baritis River, which later joins the Anapodaris River.

Kera dam

300m southeast of Ini there is another is a small dam. The old dam of Kera, as it is called, is located next to the picturesque church of Panagia Kera and the cavernous spring of Zoodochos Pigi. The lake is formed among cypresses, while some meters away f

Livada pond Thrapsano

The pond of Livada is located at the homonym position 1km north of the village Thrapsano. The small lake covers only 21 acres, but is an important wetland, where more than 130 species of birds have been met.

Partira Dam Lake

The dam of Partira is situated 32km south of the city of Heraklion and west of the village Partira at an altitude of 300m. Its construction was completed in 2000.

Skinias Lake

The artificial lake of Skinias is located 1km north of Skinias village, beside the River Baritis, from where it gets supplied with water. The lake was constructed in order to irrigate the local land.

Zaros Lake or Votomos Lake

The artificial lake of Zaros or Votomos located on the southern slopes of Psiloritis, just 1km north of Zaros and 45km southwest of Iraklion. It took its current form in 1987, when the Forest Service created an artificial lake where the spring water is st