Yrtakina is built on a steep rise called “Kastri” near the village Temenia Selinou. It was a strong and independent inland power, which was founded in the archaic times and flourished in the Hellenistic times.

Along with Lissos, Yrtakina set the foundations for the establishment of the Federation of the Mountains in the beginning of the 3rd century B.C., creating their first common coin.

According to literary sources and, above all, evidence from inscriptions and the study of the coins, Elyros, Hyrtakina, Lissos and Poikilassos, as members of the “Federation of the Mountains”, jointly managed the internal and external policy of the island for quite a long time, maintaining their autonomy at the same time. In the Roman times, Yrtakina seemingly entered a period of decline, in contrast to the rest of the cities, which were extremely prosperous for centuries.

(Authors: Vanna Niniou - Kindeli, Aggeliki Tsingou, archaeologists)