Anopolis Plateau (Sfakia)

Plateau of Anopolis is located 13km west of Hora Sfakion. It is a small plateau formed in the wild mountains of Sfakia, the most inaccessible province of Europe. The plateau is fertile and still feeds the inhabitants of the village of Anopolis, located in the plateau. Anopolis can be accessed via a 12km asphalt serpentine road, climbing the steep mountains of Sfakia. You can discover the authentic Crete through a visit to Anopoli. Also, the hospitable genuine people of Anopolis are an attraction themselves and gruyere festival in the summer is a great opportunity to see a genuine Cretan feast.

The western plateau is ripped by the wild gorge of Aradena, which exits in the beach of Marmara or Dialiskari. On the other side of the canyon, the smaller plateau of Aradena is formed, which can be accessed today via an iron bridge crossing the gorge. The bridge is used for bungee jumping, as its height is the second higher in Europe after the Verzasca dam in Switzerland.