Kriopotamos Bridge at Myrtos

North of Myrtos, on the way to Mournies, where river Kriopotamos flows (in the summer the river is dry) there is a bridge, from the built-in inscription of which we learn that it was built in 1884. The bridge is stone-built and consists of three large arches made of chiseled, rectangular stones that project at the corners.

The two middle «trestles» are supported with small posts which on the northern side (opposing the river) have a triangular form and on the southern side (lower course of the river) have semi-circular form. And these posts are constructed by rectangular, chiseled stones.

On the upper surface of the bridge the old paved road is still visible at many points, while the built wall on its sides is very low. The entire construction shows an excellent knowledge bridge construction the techniques with the materials that were available at the time. The bridge has been characterized as a work of art.