Old Primary School of Lithini

The Old Primary School of Lithinoi - Siteia has been characterised a historical monument because it is a very interesting building from 1920. The building is in the central square of the village, it has panoramic view and dominates the surrounding area.

It was constructed in around 1920 and it was used already in 1923 as the school of the whole area. It is ground floor, stone built with an area of about 250 sq.m. and has a rectangular floor plan.

Its facade is particularly interesting: The two edge parts are covered with tiled roofs, while the middle one is developed in a recess, thus giving the impression that there are two independent buildings which are unitied through the middle part. Strict rules of symmetry govern its architectural composition and the corners are highlighted by apparent cornerstones.

(Author: Chrysoula Tzombanaki, architect-archeologist)