Havgas Gorge (Kalamafka)

The Gorge of Havgas is located very close to the village Kalamafka, just 12km north of the city of Ierapetra. Note that there are several other gorges with the same name around Crete, such as the Havgas Gorge in Lasithi Plateau.

The canyon is very beautiful and has distinctive rock formations, which have been shaped by rare geological phenomena. In many places the rocks host "artistic" creations of nature, carved over time by wind and water. It is relatively short in length and walking along the riverbed is very easy, even for beginners.

The altitude of the area is approximately 500m, ideal for the development of a beautiful pine forest. Unfortunately, the canyon and the surrounding area have been burned several times by fire, thus the size of the pine forest has shrunk. However, it is worth visiting the area and it is sure that you will be impressed by the small-sizes pine trees springing up among the rocks, resembling bonsais.

The depth of the gorge reaches 300 m. At one point, two slit rocks form the entrance of some consecutive caves, which was used as a hiding place during the German Occupation by the Cretan rebels and the Allies.

The region is called by locals "Chinese Landscape", taken after the smooth rocks with the bonsais.