Havgas Gorge (Lassithi Plateau)

Havgas Gorge is an amazing gorge of rare natural beauty, the unique gorge in Lassithi Plateau (Do not confuse that with the homonym gorge near Kalamafka). Hiking in the gorge is difficult even for experienced climbers. The gorge carries water from Katharo Plateau to Lassithi Plateau. It is located between the peaks of Katharios Lakkos (1197 m) and Kefala (1269 m). Its length is about 3-4 km and in some places the sides rise almost vertically to a great height.

The landscape in the canyon is virgin because it is relatively unknown and a very few lucky people decide to visit this. If you decide to hike in that, the starting point is next to the reservoir of Agios Georgios, near the village of Agios Konstantinos in the Lassithi Plateau.

Havgas hosts hundreds of species of animals and birds, being a very rich ecosystem, especially the small the small natural lake of the gorge. On the slopes of the mountains there are plenty of trees and herbaceous vegetation. Also, rocks of Havgas are beautiful, clean and impressive.

The route is relatively smooth and accessible to everyone up to the point "Neraidokolympos", where you will meet the perfectly round boulder at the bottom of the gorge, which hardens the path for the rest of the gorge. From this point hiking in the canyon becomes dangerous for those who do not have experience.

Through the gorge passes Havgas river that carries water from the plateau of Katharo to Lassithi. Then the water reaches Chonos (the hole from which waters of the Lassithi Plateau escape the plateau), comes out from Fleves and reaches Aposelemis dam. The river has water for several months a year. Thus, make sure you get properly informed about the weather because the canyon carries a lot of water during periods of rainfall.