In recent years, agro tourism in Crete has increased demand, especially for visitors who are not covered by traditional forms of tourism and seeking alternative experiences. Agro tourism make visitors feel the life of people in rural areas to experience the daily life, customs and traditions, and to participate in the activities of the local countryside. This will reap the joy of knowledge and discovery. Many companies offer the opportunity to learn, more and more people living in the Greek countryside with some special programs agro tourism. This has the benefit of economic and social development of rural areas, as they mobilize the productive and cultural and developmental forces of the country.

Some of the companies that can offer this opportunity to the visitors to be classified in the following categories:


Outlets / exhibitions of agro tourist products


Agro tourist catering and recreation centers


Travel agencies that organize and implement programs offering outdoor activities and excusions of ecotourism and cultural interests


Businesses producing traditional products


Popular art workshops