Gastronomic Tourism

Culinary Tourism

The development of culinary tourism is one from the fundamentals on which it will move the Cretan Quality Agreement for the promotion of the Cretan diet and the promotion of local products.

What is Culinary Tourism?

When talking about culinary tourism refers essentially a subset of cultural tourism (cultural gastronomy is considered an expression) in which travelers seeking to experience unique culinary experiences, and is one of the biggest trends in the tourism industry worldwide.

Examples culinary tourism services are:

1. organizing seminars Cretan cuisine, wine tasting events and wine tasting,

2. The tour and meeting with traditional products and methods of manufacture,

3. cooking demonstrations, etc.

With the wealth that is Crete, both in culinary culture and the quality and authenticity of local products, it is obvious that there is an opportunity for the development of culinary tourism on the island and its establishment as a Culinary Destination.

Alternative tourism development

The gastronomic tourism - which is a subcategory and wine tourism - is the 'channel' through 'which will channel local products and will showcase the food culture and gastronomy us. It is the "marriage" of quality local products to the tourist product which underpins a large part of the Cretan economy and give us real prospects for development activities that will enrich the existing tourism product, leading to the extension of the tourist season, and create demand for products and services are offered only on the island - a powerful competitive advantage that is.

Prospects for the development of culinary tourism in Crete

But to be able to develop culinary tourism in Crete will need, beyond the view, and to develop and offer specialized services and quality culinary tourism by local entrepreneurs. Be noted here that the prospects for the development of this kind of tourism in Crete strengthened immensely by the existence of initiatives in the area of wine as the winemaker Heraklion Network and the Network Wine Chania and Rethymnon and bodies such as the Association of Rural Tourism Crete the Cretan Association for Alternative Tourism - organizations that ensure the networking of entrepreneurs in their industry, facilitate collaboration with others and have the ability to establish a quality standard in the industry, to upgrade to the coordinate.

The Cretan Quality Agreement for the development of culinary tourism

In furtherance of Crete as a culinary destination, the Cretan Quality filed a proposal to finance transnational actions Cyprus for promoting local gastronomy and wine delivery and deployment of tourist services. This proposal includes the creation of a Centre for Cretan Gastronomy, an educational toolkit with manuals and support materials for the development of culinary tourism by local entrepreneurs, training and adoption specialist publications.