Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism

A walk distant, part of the adventure tourism, is not the only from the tourism product. It's a way to access nature, the countryside, to the discovery. Not sold a product of "long walks" with no particular motive discovery.

This discovery set in a relationship with the image and the potential of a region which is explained in a program aimed at diverse areas and distinguished clientele:

- In a sport long walk

- Long walk dominated by the cultural element

- Remote adventure walk-in areas are not well known or remote

- "Thank you" walk, for the general public, transportation, comfortable accommodations and gourmet cuisine

- "Free" long walk to the individual tourist without escort.

In this form of tourism may include other alternatives such as hiking, mountaineering and climbing tourism. For the development of these forms is necessary to provide adequate infrastructure. For example, it is necessary to improve availability and access paths and walkways, shelters, climbing centers and shelters. Even the priority must be given to the improvement of provincial networks. Another form based on the opportunities offered to tourist’s observation and acquisition experience in areas of wildlife and tourism are wildlife (wildlife tourism).

This form is linked with certain activities and other forms of tourism such as tourism and adventure tourism, as well as specific activities related to wildlife and gaining experience and relationships with animals. In this context includes some incentives tourists as naturalistic (enjoying nature / wildlife), ecological (environmental concern for integrity), anthropological / moralistika (affection and care for animals), scientific (interest in the physical properties and biological functions of animals), and materialistic / sovereign (control / use of animals for entertainment, hunting, killing, etc.).