Achendrias Gorge

The unknown for the most people canyon of Achendrias is located 52km south of Heraklion. Its length is about 6km and exits at the beach of Maridaki and is the easternmost gorge of Asterousia Mountains.

The gorge is very dry and is surrounded by high mountains, bare rocks and dry pasture, a typical landscape of the wild Asteroussia Mountains. It is quite easily accessible but if you do not want to trek along the riverbed, you can enjoy driving in the rough dirt road, 15km long, starting at Mesochorio and ending at Maridaki and the monastery of Agios Nikitas.

During the route through the gorge you will see beautiful karstic formations and in some places the rocks are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. The canyon hosts a large number of raptors and vultures. It is noteworthy to mention that the gorges of Asterousia are home to the largest population of these birds in Europe. Another feature is the goats “hanging” in the most inaccessible parts of the rocky cliffs.