E4 European Path

The European Path E4 begins from Gibraltar. It continues across Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece, ending his trip to the island of Cyprus.

The E4 on Crete forks in Soujia in Northern and southern parts.

The Northern part is a purely alpine and expects from the hiker alpine experience. The southern part at the south coast of the island is very rough at many points, because of the cretan rocks. At some positions between Soujia and Chora Sfakion the way is abandoned and the hiker leisures free from dizziness. Step-security for both branches necessary. Both branches don't drive through the canyon of Samaria. The length of each branch is approximately 320 km and one needs 3 weeks for the hike.

From Kastelli

From Kastelli, one hikes south and over the village Kato Paleokastro (2 km), Korfiana (2 km) Grigoriana (2 km), Polirinia (2 km), Galouvases (2 km), on asphalted route to Lousakies (2,5 km - restaurant), Zachariana (2,5 km), on asphalted route to Sfinari (7 km - lodging); from Kastelli: 22,5 km.

From Sfinari

From Sfinari to Ano Sfinari (1 km) and through the following villages: Kambos (5 km), Keramoti 5 km), Amigdalokefali (3 km), Simantiriana(3,5 km), Papadiana 2,5 km), Kefali * (1 km), Vathi (2 km), Plokamiana (2 km), to the cloister Chrissoskalitissa (7 km from Sfinari, 32 km- visit - lodging; historic cloister). From Chrissoskalitissa over Elafonissos (1 km), Ag.Ioannis (4 km), Koundoura (4,5 km) to Paleochora (7,5 km) - from Chrissoskalitisa 14,5 km and from Kastelli approximately half a week; lodging).

From Paleochora

From Paleochora, one reaches the historic place Lissos (11 km; once Asklipios spa) and after more 3,5 km reaches Soujia (6 hours from Paleochora; visit - and lodging). Here, the way forks into two, the alpine part and the part at the southern coasts of the island until Frangokastello.

Course of the southern part:

The way of Soujia to Agia Roumeli, where the Gorge of Samaria exits, opened recently and is marked. From Sougia to Pikilassos-Tripiti (7,5 km), exit of the canyon (1 km), Domata 5 km), exit of the canyon (3 km), Agia Roumeli 6 km - from Soujia: 20 km-8 to 9 hours; visit - and lodging; connection with ferry to Loutro and Chora Sfakion).

From Agia Roumeli

From Agia Roumeli hike the path along the coast to chapel Ag. Pavlos (3,5 km), Marmara - exit of the Aradena canyon (6,5 km), Loutro (3 km - from Ag. Roumeli: 13 km-5 hours; Visit and lodging).

From Loutro

From Loutro to Chora Sfakion (6 km; visit - and lodging; Bus connection with Chania), Komitades (4 km; restaurant), Vraskas (1,3 km), Nimikiana (0,5 km), Ag.Nektarios (1,5 km), Frangokastello (6,5 km-from Loutro: 19,5 km-6,30 hours; Venetian castle; visit and lodging).

From Frangokastello

From Frangokastello to Skaloti (4,5 km; restaurant), Argoules (2 km), Kato Rodakino 7,5 km - from Frangokastello 14 km; visit and lodging; from Kastelli Kissamou approximately 8 days). Here stops the way to the southern coast of the island. The way bends keenly northward and runs into the area of the Prefecture of Rethymnon.

Course of the alpine part of the path

1. from Sougia to Livadas (6,5 km), Koustogerako (4km), Agii Theodori (10 km), center of the Omalos plateau (4 km). Hotel and Motels. 8 hours.

2. from Sougia directly through the canyon of Agia Irini to the center of the Omalos plateau (15 km) 7.30 hours. From Omalos to the Kallergi refuge (5 km) 2 hours. The refuge is farmed in the summer. From the refuge to the summit Melidaou (6 km), from there to the place Katziveli, where the refuge Chouliopoulos stands (7 km). Total (18 km) 7.30 hours . The refuge is closed normally and the keys are kept by EOS of Chania.

From Katziveli

From Katziveli to Livada, Siderokefalo, Kanaki, Poussia (Mikros Trocharis), Koutalas, Fanari (side), Niatos (plateau), Tavri (plateau), Askifou. Entire 20 km, 10 hours. Inn, Motels.

From Askifou

From Askifou to Imbros (5 km), through Imbros Gorge to Komitades (4,5 km) where one hits the way on the south of Crete and then to Frangokastello. Entire (19 km) 6.30 hours. The ways separate here again. The alpine part proceeds: Patzianos (2,5 km), Kallikratis Asi Gonia, Argiroupoli. Entire (27 km), 9 hours. The way runs into the area of the Prefecture of Rethymnon.

From Argyroupolis

From Argyroupolis to Kato Poros, then south 2,5 km, again east 1 km and now north to Moundros, then south through the Moudriano canyon, then east, southeast until Agouliana (23 km - 7-8 hours). Rooms, Motels.

From Agouliana

From Agouliana southeast to Koxare, Agia Pelagia, Ano Mixorouma, (Motels), Spili (13,5 km - 4 hours) Motels, Rooms, bank, post.

From Spili

From Spili take the way southeast by the route to Kissos, approximately 1 km after the village near the Closter, where it bends north-east and then east to tge summit of Mt Kedros (1776 m). From there the way to Gerakari (from Spili 18,5 km - 8 hours). Only Coffeshops.

From Gerakari

From Gerakari to the villages Elenes, Amari, Opsijas, Lambiotes, Visari to Fourfouras. Rooms, Motesl, shops. From Gerakari 5 hours.

From Fourfouras

From Fourfouras the marked way to the refuge of EOS of Rethymnon at the south slopes of Psilorotis to high 1400 m. The refuge is not always opened. From Fourfouras till the refuge, the hike lasts 3,5 - 4 hours and the difference in altitude approximately 1000 m.

From here the way leeds north

From here the way leeds north through a rocky land steeply to the summit of Psiloritis -Timios Stavros (2454 km, reached in 3 to 3.30 '. The area is arid and treeless. From the summit, one has a splendid gaze on the whole island. From the summit on a well stepped and marked path, one reaches descending the Nida plateau in 2,5 hours. Here the two branches meet again and proceed as a uniform way up to the east coast of the island. Above the Nida plateau is the Ida grotto, where Zeus was born by goat Amalthia according to the saga.

Course of the southern branch

Course of the southern branch of the E4GR (traveling-part) from Rodakino to Nida. From Kato Rodakino north directly to the village of Agios Konstantinos (20,5 km - 7 to 8 hours). 3 km later the route bends to the alpine part of E4GR. Here Rooms, Motels

From Agios Konstantinos

From Agios Konstantinos east to Kaloniktis, Ano Walsamonero, Armeni (15 km - 5 hours). Rooms - Motels. The graveyard dating from minoic age is in the village.

From Armeni

From Armeni to the biggest part on forest-route - and field-streets through the village Selli (at the chapel Agia Fotini, where the route bends to Rethymnon), Charkia and Kamvussion to Arkadi (29 km - 9 to 10 hours). Motels, lodging in the cloister.

From Arkadi

From Arkadi through the villages Elefterna (Rooms, Motels), Kato Tripodio (lodging), Margariti (Rooms - Motels), Orthes (Motels), Kalantare, Kalamas, Passaline, Choumeri, Dafnedes, Episkopi, Garazo (32 km - 11 to 12 hours). Motels, shops.

From Garazo

From Garazo to Anogia through Moni Diakouriou (Diakuriou cloister), Zoniana, asphalted route to Anogia (16 km - 5 hours). Motels, lodging, Rooms.

From Anogia

From Anogia to Zomithos (11 km) and afterwards to Nida plateau (11 km), altogether 6 hours. The uniform long-distance-footpath E4GR here extends from the Nida plateau till the east coast. Despite its consistency, there are two branches at the start, from the village Kamares, where a grotto is situated, to the border.

Branch 1. From the plateau way to the summit (approximately 1000 m), then south-east till a fork (ca. 2 km), where one must follow the branch eastward. After more than 5,5 km, the way reaches a forest, turns south, to chapel Ag. Ioannis, through Gafari canyon to the village Zaros (19 km - 5,30' hours). Hotel, Motels

Branch 2From the summit Timios Stavros, after approximately 5 km there is a marked forking of the way to Kamares (altitude 1900 m). To Kamares (9 km - 3 hours) - hotel, Motels, bus to Rethymno. From Kamares further to Worizia (3,5 km - 0.50' hours), Zaros 9 km - 2.40' hours).

From Zaros

From Zaros (first branch) up to the chapel Ag. Ioannis (7 km - high 900 m), Gyristi (7,5 km - high 1700 M.), EOS refuge (3 km - high 1100 M.), Ano Asites (entire 21,5 km - 9 30' hours). Only coffeshops, bus to Iraklion.

From Ano Asites

From Ano Asites mainly on field- and forest-streets, partially also on asphalted streets, hikes ro villages Kerassia (3,5 km), Beneraton (1,5 km), Kiparissi (7,7 km), Profitis Ilias (4 km). Motels, castle. Ano Archanes (9 km -3 hours), coffeshops, bus to Iraklion, Motels. Archaeologic museum.

From Ano Archanes

From Ano Archanes to Kato Archanes (2 km), Myrtia (9,5 km), Astraki (1 km), Apostoli (11,5 km), Kastelli (4,5 km) (Motels, Bus to Iraklion), Xydas (3 km) (Motels, Bus - Archaeological area), Kastamonitsa (3,5 km), Kato Metochi (9,5 km), Psychron (3 km - hotel, Motels, grotto, archaeologic museum. Metochi and Psychrons lie on the plateau of Lassithi, 850 M. high

From Psychron

From Psychron through the Lassithi level to Agias Georgios (2,5 km), where is also the refuge of the mountain climbers and skiers of Lassithi Club. The Vice president of the club is the priest of the village. Here, there is a hotel and Motels. From here the way goes south, one climbs to the saddle (1800 m) between the summits Dikti (2147 m) and Afendis Christos (2140 m). Before the saddle, the way bends east and proceeds descending to the Alm Salakano (17 km from Agios Georgios). Here there is only a only tavern.

From the Alm Salakano

From the Alm Salakano east to Prina (18 km-5 Stds - high 550 m), Masseleri (3,5 km), Vassiliki (15,5 km - high 100 m, deepest position of the hike), crossing of the street Ierapetra-Ag. Nikolaos to Monastiraki, again climbing at the slopes of mountain Thripti to the village Thripti (high 880 m - 5 km-2 30' hours), further at the slopes of the mountain to Orino (high 650 m - 6,5 km), Ghryssopigi (6,5 km), Papagiannades (9 km), Chandras (4 km), Ziros (4 km), descending to Ano Zakros (250 m high- 11 km from Ziros), (rooms, motels) to Kato Zakros through the Valley of the Dead (5,5 km-7,50' hours). Rooms, motels. Places to visit: palace. Kato Zakros lies to the east coast of the island and here finishes the European long-distance-footpath E4GR of Creta.