Category: Plateaus - Plains
Region: Chania Prefecture

Anopolis Plateau (Sfakia)

Plateau of Anopolis is located 13km west of Hora Sfakion. It is a small plateau formed in the wild mountains of Sfakia, the most inaccessible province of Europe. The plateau is fertile and still feeds the inhabitants of the village of Anopolis, located in

Askifou Plateau

Plateau of Askifou is one of the most authentic areas of Crete and is located 50km south of Chania. The mountains around and the serenity of the valley, form a magnificent landscape all year round.

Omalos plateau

Omalos is at an altitude ranging from 1.040 to 1.250 meters, surrounded by the high peaks of the White Mountains and located 38km south of Chania. The plateau is particularly beautiful in the winter, when it is frequently covered by snow.

Tavri and Niato plateaus

At an altitude of 1.200m, 51km south of Chania and 3km west of Askifou Plateau, is located the plateaus of Tavri (2km) and Niatos (3km). They can be accessed via a road starting from Askifou, crossing Tavri and then ending up in Niato.

Vothonas or Lakoudia plateau

Vothonas is a very small plateau, near to the village Vafes, located 40km south of Chania. It can be accessed from Vafes via by a passable dirt road. The landscape of the surrounding mountains is spectacular